Weaving carpets, comfort and heritage

Palm Fibre, a family-run enterprise with a legacy spanning eight decades, delivers utmost quality natural products made from coir, jute, rubber, wool, sisal, seagrass, cotton and more. We cater to both international and domestic markets, offering a wide range of products crafted with a commitment to sustainability and exceptional craftsmanship.

on your floor

Working in parallel with nature, artistry, sustainability and innovation, we offer you a wide range of masterfully designed rugs, doormats, carpets and floor coverings that are rooted in the traditional richness of natural fibre.

Redefine the elegance card with natural fibre

Integrating nature, people and promises

We are a responsible business, committed to environmental and social good. At Palm Fibre, we believe in giving back more than we take, focusing on sustainability and people throughout our processes.

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Know our products

Palm Fibre offers a wide range of doormats and rugs, made from natural, sustainable and recycled materials. We use meticulous handcrafting and cutting edge technology to create beautiful, high quality floor coverings that are built to last.

"When excellence becomes more than a promise, it becomes a signature"

We pour our commitment into every stitch, crafting products that seamlessly blend timeless design with meticulous craftsmanship. But our journey goes beyond creating beautiful objects; it's about perpetuating a legacy of excellence, one that respects tradition and embraces innovation. Choose Palm Fibre and discover where exceptional standards meet enduring value, and together, weave a story of unparalleled quality.

Who are we

Spanning over four generations of business experience and emerging as one of India's leading manufactures and exporter of premium natural fibre home decor products. Our factory brings the promise of unbeatable product quality with an added touch of innovation, regality and a natural feel.

Uncompromising Craftsmanship

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